I’ve been loving these face scrubbies. They are so easy and you can make them so quick. They are great for beginner crocheters or any skill level!

This small scrubbie is great for removing makeup or putting on toner. These are reusable and can be thrown in the washer after use. I like to throw them in a delicates bag so they all stay together.

The small scrubbie along with these other two styles are available as a pdf Pattern in my Shop! https://www.etsy.com/listing/837605367/crochet-cute-face-scrubbie-patterns


Magic Ring

Row 1: Ch 2, (Puff stitch, ch 1)*8 times, sl st to ch 2, tighten magic ring. (8)

Row 2: Sl st into next ch space, ch 2, (puff st, ch 1, puff st, ch 1)*in each ch space, sl st to ch 2. (16)

Row 3: Ch 2, hdc in each stitch around, sl st to ch 2, weave in ends

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I use this these ergonomic handle crochet hooks for just about all my products. They are much easier on my hands than the plain aluminum ones. This is also a great starter kit for beginners because it has all your basic size hooks and comes with tapestry needles and stitch markers.

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