I was really tired of these old chairs but didn’t want to spend the money on a new set so I decided to try reupholstering for the first time. It was fairly easy and turned out great. I really liked this Blissfullness Spa Upholstry fabric by Kelly Ripa. With being on sale and coupons it was less than $30.

Supplies you’ll need:



Staple gun (please use caution)

Pliers (good for pulling out mistake staples)

First remove cushion from chair

Some people remove the old fabric/batting and replace it especially if it’s a used chair but I just kept it on and put the new fabric over the old. It was much faster this way.

Next cut fabric larger than cushion to wrap it around and attach. You’ll want it to be at least 4 to 5 inches on each side or more so you can pull the fabric taut while stapling. More fabric is fine because it will get cut away at the end.

(Leave corners unstapled until the end)

Staple the front or back down first then pull taut and staple the other side.

(Staple about 1 to 2 inches back or right before screw holes, you can also use the old staples as a guide)

Then staple the 2 other sides.

Next Staple the corners:

Pull the corner of the fabric in and staple

Make pleats – Pull the one side of the corner and staple, then the other side creating a corner.

Do this to all 4 corners. Staple down any missed areas near the corners or any other places you feel needs extra support.

Cut the excess fabric off. Make sure the screw holes are exposed to easily reattach to chair.

Lastly, reattach cushion to chair and enjoy!

This DIY wasn’t too hard and only took a few hours. I took a few breaks in between because my arm got a little tired from using a manual staple gun but it still went pretty quick. This gave these chairs a fresh new look that they desperately needed.

I really love this project. It was very inexpensive. I may even get some holiday themed fabric later on and see how that goes.

If you have any questions about this project feel free to contact me on here or any of my social media sites.

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