Newborn Christmas Tree Hat


Special Stitches: Crocodile Stitch: Rows 2 & 3

Hat Brim

Color: Brown

Ch 6

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and across, Ch 1. (5)

Row 2 – 35: Sc BLO across, ch 1. (5)

Row 36: Sc BLO across. (5)

Sl st last row to first row. Tie off and weave in ends.

Switch Color: Green

Sl st to brim, Ch 1.

Row 1: 36 Sc around Brim, sl st.

Row 2: Ch 2(counts as dc), dc in the same st, *Ch 2, skip 2 sts, 2dc in next stitch* 

Repeat *…* here and throughout the pattern, ch 2,  sl st.  (12 Clusters)

Row 3: *5 dc down 1st post, ch 1, 5 dc up next post*, sl st to first dc. (12 “Leaves”)

Row 4: Ch 2, *dc in center st of “leaf”, 2 dc around ch 2*, sl st.(36)

Row 5: Repeat Row 2 (12 clusters)

Row 6: Repeat Row 3 (12 “leaves”)

Row 7: Ch 2, *Dc in center st of “leaf”, dc around ch 2*, sl st (24)

Row 8: Repeat row 2 (8 cluster)

Row 9: Repeat row 3 (8 “leaves”)

Row 10: Repeat row 7  (16)

Row 11: Repeat row 2 (5 clusters) (in last cluster skip 3 sts instead on 2)

Row 12: Repeat row 3 (5 “leaves”)

Row 13: Repeat row 7 (10)

Row 14: Ch 2, dc2tog 5 times, sl st.

Tie off leaving a long tail. Stitch up top and weave in ends.


Make 2

Color: Yellow

Magic Circle 

Ch 2, 9 dc, sl st

*Ch 5, sc in 3rd ch from hook, hdc, dc, skip st, sl st to next st* Repeat 4 times.(5 points)

Put both stars wrong sides together and slip stitch stars together. Tie off and leave a long tail for sewing on tree top.


Color: Gold

***bulbs are placed every other branch, with above rows placed on opposing branches creating a diagonal effect.  

Using a tapestry needle, wrap yarn around ch 1 space of “leaves” 5 times, tie off and weave in ends on the inside of the hat.

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