Pattern By: CaitsCrochet

  • I (5.5mm) Crochet Hook
  • G (4.0mm) Crochet Hook

*** Starting with red, change color between red and white every 4 rows.

I Hook

CH 2

1. Hdc in 3rd ch from hook, hdc across. (22)

2. Ch 2, Dec in same st as ch 2, hdc 20, inc. (22).

3. Ch 2, Inc in same st as ch 2, hdc 20, dec. (22)

4 – 24.  Repeat rows 2 and 3. 

Fold the top and bottom together making a square, 

Slip stitch across.

Flip work inside out to the right side.


1. Ch 2, 38 hdc around, sl st.

You’re My Little Honey Bunny

2. Ch 2, hdc around, sl st. Tie off. Weave in all Ends.

Flip work back to the wrong side (inside out).  Sew closed the top of the hat.  

On the right side add a red and white pom pom, weave in remaining ends.


G hook

*** Start with red and change color every other row

1. Ch 12, hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc across, 7 hdc in the last ch, hdc along the other side of the ch, 5 hdc in last ch, join with sl st.

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2. Ch 2, hdc in same st as ch 2, hdc around, sl st.

3. Ch 2, hdc in same st as ch2, hdc around, sl st.

4. Ch 2, Dc in same stitch as ch 2, 7 dc, dc2together 7 times, dc around,  st st.

5. Ch 2, dc in same st as ch 2, 7 dc, dc7together, dc  around, sl st.

  6-9.   Ch 2, dc in same st as ch 2, dc around, sl st, Tie off, Weave in ends.

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